All Colloquia are held on Thursdays
in Wells Hall A-607 at 4:30 pm.

coffee cup
There will be an informal coffee (half) hour starting at 4:00.
All are welcome to attend.



Spring Semester 2011
January 13
Benjamin Munson (Minnesota)
"Lavender Lessons Learned, or, What Sexuality can teach us about Phonetic Variation" [more info]
January 27
Anne Violin-Wigent (MSU)
"A comparative study of dialect leveling: Moving beyond phonetic variables" [more info]
February 17
Sali Tagliamonte (U of Toronto)
"Peaks and trends in linguistic change: The view from Toronto" [more info]
February 24
Richard Lewis (U of Michigan)
"Bounded Optimality in Language, Thought, and Action: Adaptation Under Cognitive Constraint and its Implications for Individual Differences" [more info]
March 17
Chris Potts (Stanford)
"On the Negativity of Negation" [more info]
March 24
Andries Coetzee (U of Michigan)
"Phonetic and Phonological Stages in Speech Perception" [more info]
March 31
Chris Barker (NYU)
"Truth is free, permission is scarce" [more info]

Fall Semester 2010
September 30
Diogo Almeida (MSU)
"Probing linguistic computations in the brain" [more info]
October 7
Adolfo Ausin (MSU)
"What phrasal compounds can tell us about Multiple Spell-Out" [more info]
November 11
Itamar Francez (U of Michigan)
"The grammar of property possession" [more info]
November 18 Ming Xiang (U of Chicago)
"Constructing Covert Dependencies" [more info]
December 9
Masaya Yoshida (Northwestern)
" On the incremental processing of ellipsis" [more info]