All Colloquia are held on Thursdays
in Wells Hall A-607 at 4:30 pm.

coffee cup
There will be an informal coffee (half) hour starting at 4:00.
All are welcome to attend.


Fall Semester 2011
September 16
**Friday at 1:30pm
Gillian Sankoff (UPenn)
"Continuities and Discontinuities Across Individual Lifespans: Linguistic Variation or Change?" [more info] [website]
September 29
Tuuli Morrill (MSU)
"Word Segmentation and Phonological Learning in Cross-Language Perception of Fluent Speech " [more info]
October 13
Bill Idsardi (Maryland)
"Phonetic information encoded in early brain responses" [more info] [website]
October 20 Bill VanPatten (MSU)
"Is head-directionality dead? An on-line study with subordinate clauses in Japanese L2" [more info]
October 27
Jon Sprouse (University of California- Irvine)
"Making sense of the experimental syntax literature" [more info] [website]
November 10
Ezra Keshet (Michigan)
"A Simple Explanation of Every Pronoun Ever" [more info] [website]
November 17
Laura Wagner (Ohio State)
"TBA" [more info] [website]
December 2
Norvin Richards (MIT)
"A Metrical EPP" [more info] [website]


Spring Semester 2012
January 19
Elizabeth Smith (Northwestern)
"Some observations, revisions, and puzzles in the semantics of comparative correlatives"
February 23
Anne-Michelle Tessier (visiting U of Michigan)
March 29
David Gil (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
TBA Laura Wagner (Ohio State University)