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Project Description

The C-TOOLS project presents a web-based, concept mapping Java applet with automatic scoring. The Concept Connector tool is being designed to enable students in large introductory science classes at the university level to visualize their thinking online and receive immediate formative feedback. The Concept Connector's flexible scoring system, being based on tested scoring schemes as well as instructor input, has enabled automatic and immediate online scoring of concept map homework. In addition to the Concept Connector, the C-TOOLS project has involved development of a courseware management system streamlined for the creation, editing and management of concept map assignments in a classroom setting. A C-TOOLS project summary is available as a 2 page PDF document from Doug Luckie's web site.

Citing the C-TOOLS Project

The suggested citation for the Concept Connector and the C-TOOLS project is:

Luckie, D. B., Batzli, J. M., Harrison, S., & Ebert-May, D. (2003). C-TOOLS: Concept-Connector Tools for Online Learning in Science. International Journal of Learning 10: 332-338.

For other publications and more information about the C-TOOLS project, please visit our main web site at http://ctools.msu.edu.

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