I’m the one with glasses.

My email is: luoqian@msu.edu

I'm a PhD candidate in linguistics at Michigan State University. My research interests include phonology, phonetics and sound change. My co-advisors are Yen-Hwei Lin and Karthik Durvasula. My committee members also include Suzanne Wagner, Alan Beretta, and Anne Violin-Wigent. I’m currently visiting James Kirby at the University of Edinburgh.

This is my CV.

Research Interests

My research interests are Experimental Phonology, Sound Change, Tone, Language Evolution, and Chinese Linguistics. I’m currently working on the interaction between consonants and pitch across tonal languages.

M-ToPP Project

I’m also a co-principal investigator in the M-ToPP (Mandarin Tone Perception and Production) project. In the collaborative work with Catherine Ryu, Xiaoshi Li and other researchers from MSU, we built a web-based game system to assess learners’ tone perception and production range to establish their personalized training goals. I have been the leader of the perception strand of the project, which utilizes a learning app game, “Picky Birds”, to assess the validity of a theory-based hierarchy of difficulty in tone perception.

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Teaching / Research Experience

Research Assistant, Department of Linguistics and Languages, Michigan State University. Teaching Assistant, Department of Linguistics and Languages, Michigan State University. Research Assistant, MSU Speech Perception-Production Lab, Michigan State University.

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