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Fall 2014

Water is widely recognized as a necessity – and increasingly as a precious resource worth fighting to control. Approximately 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. California, the largest agricultural producing state in the United States, and a major food exporter, is facing extreme drought, drought emergency declarations, water rationing, and innovation to address this growing security issue.  By 2050, OECD estimates that close to 40% of the world will live in high water stress areas. Some indicate the safe water access struggle with arrive sooner.

Meanwhile this summer, Detroit, Phoenix, Niger, Bangladesh, Nepal and Britain all experienced record rains or flooding. Aon Benfield estimates global flooding in August 2014 to have caused 478 deaths and $4 billion in economic damage.

The Ebola virus in West African nations has been spreading exponentially since spring. Until late summer, the world had been lamentably slow to respond to this mutating health threat that is devastating already stressed and underdeveloped health and governance systems. The UN estimates that at least $1 billion is needed to address and contain the virus. In mid-September, the US announced significant military-led intervention ($3,000 personnel and up to $750 million dollars) to be dispatched into the health and safety disaster that is now unfolding.

It’s always time(ly) to think about Risk, Security Management, and Terrorism related issues. My RSS feeds re-launch October 1st!

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Image/Robyn Mace

Robyn Mace