Lorraine M Males


Recent and Upcoming



Exploring US textboooks' treatment of the estimation of linear measurements. (in press). ZDM


Reasoning-and-proof in geometry textbooks: What is being proved? (2011). PME-NA 33 Proceedings


Textual expression of area measurement in elementary curricula: Illuminating opportunities to learn. (2011). PME-35 Proceedings.


Challenges of critical colleagueship: Examining and reflecting on study group interactions. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Special Issue on Teacher Change. Online at: SpringerLink




PME-NA 2011 (Reno, NV)

Reasoning-and-proof in geometry textbooks: What is being proved?


AMTE 2012 (Fort Worth, TX)

Curriculum for professional development: Examining teachers' opportunities to learn from middle school mathematics curriculum materials


NCTM 2012 (Philadelphia, PA)

Dynamic computer simulations for promoting discussions of spatial measurement


Curricular treatment of common key concepts across measures


Proof in geometry textbooks: Not all opportunities are created equal


PME 2011 (Ankara, Turkey)

Textual expression of area measurement in elementary curricula: Illuminating opportunities to learn



Research and Development Experience

Strengthening Tomorrow's Education in Measurement I and II [STEM]  
PI: Dr. Jack Smith (MSU)  

NSF-funded project examining the capacity of K – 6 curricula to provide opportunities for the robust learning of spatial measurement and engage pre- and in-service teachers in professional development in spatial measurement.

STEM Website

ICME-12 Survey Team: The relationship between research and curriculum design  
Chair: Dr. Glenda Lappan  

Presently collecting and analyzing survey data from U.S. representative states and over six countries to prepare for an ICME-12 presentation investigating the relationship between research and curriculum design

Reasoning-and-Proving in High School Geometry Textbooks  
Michigan State University College of Natural Sciences-funded graduate student composed project that investigated the opportunities for reasoning-and-proving in seven high school geometry textbooks.
Mathematics Discourse in Secondary Classrooms [M-DISC]  
PIs: Dr. Beth-Herbel-Eisenmann (MSU), Dr. Michael Steele (MSU), & Dr. Michelle Cirillo (University of Delaware)  

NSF-funded project to develop practice-based professional development materials focused on promoting rich mathematical classroom discourse.

MDISC Website

Discourse Analysis: A Catalyst for Reflective Inquiry in Discourse in Mathematics Classrooms [CRIMC]  
PI: Dr. Beth-Herbel-Eisenmann (MSU)  
NSF-funded project studying the nature of discourse in mathematics classrooms and the process of teachers engaged in practitioner research.
PIs: Dr. Sandra Crespo & Dr. Vince Melfi (MSU)  
Project investigating students who have watched the Cyberchase television program solving complex mathematical tasks. I participated in data collection at one school site, which included doing two activities with three groups of students and coding their responses.
ICME-11 DG: The evaluation of mathematics teachers and curricula in educational systems  
Chairs: Dr. Glenda Lappan & Dr.  Barbara Clarke  

Helped to collect papers, organize session, and take notes during discussion group sessions to inform future sessions and writing of summary


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