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Antibiotic Resistance:
Case Study



Antibiotic Resistance Research Project

Search the internet for a resistant strain of bacteria. Research the resistant bacteria. Find out what antibiotics the bacteria is resistant to. Write a letter to your patient who is infected with this terrible resistant strain of bacteria explaining to them what type of infection they have. Also explain why the antibiotics the patient has been taking have not worked to cure the infection. Be sure to include natural selection and evolution in your
explanation. Tell the patient what you are going to try next. Will you try a new antibiotic? If so, which one? Has this antibiotic worked before against this resistant strain of bacteria? Are there any other alternative

Some possible strains of resistant bacteria to research are listed below. You may choose to research one of the strains below or you may search for a different strain. Click on the links below to take you
to a website to start your research.

General information on antibiotic resistance, causes, types of resistant bacteria and possible cures.

1. VRE - Vancomycin Resistant E. faecium
2. MRSA - methicillin resistant S. aureus
3. VISA - Vancomycin Intermediate Resistant S. aureus
4. LRE - Linezolid-Resistant Enterococcus