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My Pets !!!


My beautiful cat Muffy!!! I have had Muffy since I was in kindergarten.
He is about 17 years old, and must be around 90 in cat years. He has a
great life sleeping and lounging around the house in his favorite warm spots.
What a life!


This is my American Eskimo Fluffy. He passed away a few years ago.
He was a very hyper dog and was very loving and emotional.
Don't get an American Eskimo if you won't be home a lot to keep it company. These dogs really need companionship all the time. They are beautiful dogs.

I wish I had a horse. Hopefully I will buy one in a few years once I get a career started. This picture was taken by a friend. These horses just came off the ferry from Mackinac Island and are about to board a truck to go home for a well deserved winter break.