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Switzerland Study Abroad
Summer 2005


That's me hiking down Mnt.Rigi.


Mount Schilthorn


Schilthorn trail - quite scary
We hiked down the entire mountain from an elevation
of 10,000 ft.back to our camp at 2,000 ft.


This is the group of MSU students I was on the trip with.
Standing (left to right): Matt, Andrew, Anna, Patric, Trey, Crystal, John Mugg
Kneeling (left to right): Charley, Kevin, Allan, Matt, Katie, Jesse, and Megan

This is our teacher, John Mugg's, two year old son Daniel. He went
on some of the hikes with us and was a trooper.


One day while we were shopping in Zermatt we heard the ringing of bells
in the distance. To our suprise, a herd of goats was coming through town!