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CornPicker for Silage Hybrids

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CornPicker for silage is an Excel spreadsheet that calculates a partial budget for the effect of a change in corn hybrids for silage on farm profits by comparing one hybrid (Challenger) to another (Defender, your current favorite, or a reference standard). The calculations include only those costs and returns that change in response to the corn hybrids being compared and ignores those that are not affected. Input variables include data about the specific hybrids and the individual farm, as well as market information that varies over time. The output is an estimate of the profitability of one hybrid compared to another.

CornPicker contains a macro and security must be set to moderate or low within Excel to allow the macro to function. You do this by selecting Tools > Macro > Security from the menu bar and selecting medium or low security.  Excel must then be closed and opened again before CornPicker will function properly.  If medium security is selected, choose “Enable Macros” when the text box appears when opening CornPicker.

CornPicker also requires the Solver Add-In that is included with Excel but might not be installed. It is listed in the Tools menu if it is already installed. If it is not, it can be installed by selecting Add-Ins from the Tools menu or from the Excel installation disk.  It is necessary that Solver is installed and working properly to attain accurate results whenever the NDF or crude protein concentration of corn hybrids are changed.  Even though the spreadsheet recalculates when new values are entered in these fields, results are not accurate until Solver is implemented by clicking the “Solve” button.  Proper functioning of Solver can be verified by inputting the same values for the Challenger and Defender hybrids for all fields and clicking “Solve”; the profit advantage for Challenger compared to Defender should be zero.

Download cornpicker

When the download dialog box appears, select "save" and specify a location to save the file. If you select "open" you may experience problems running Solver.

You must have MSExcel 2002 or later to run the CornPicker spreadsheet.

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