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To faciliate reprinting and distribution of articles previously published in Michigan Dairy Review we provide the following archive of PDF files. If articles are reprinted or distributed in the form provided, no prior permission is required.

For those wishing to modify the appearance of MDR articles from this format before reprinting or distributing, prior permission may be obtained by contacting the managing editor at mdr@msu.edu or 517-353-4570.

Jan 2009 Do You Need to Report Your Water Use?
  Industry Professionals View- 2008 Michigan Dairy Industry Survey
  Outside Wintering Lots: Capture Fertilizer Value of Manure and Protect Surface Waters
  Bovine Leukosis Virus Update I: Prevalence, Economic Losses, and Management
  Environmental Stewardship of Dairy Producers in MAEAP
  Effectiveness of Test and Remove for Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication in Herds
  Right to Farm Coverage of On-farm Compost Production
  Milk Market Policy Update: The New MILC Program
  Carbon Market Opportunities for Agriculture
Oct 2008 Dairy Farmers' Priorities- 2008 Michigan Dairy Industry Survey
  Getting Calves Started Well
  Anaerobic Digestion Potential Assay
  Rating the Accuracy of DHI Production Records
  Equal Employment Opportunity and Hiring Process
  Big Changes for 2008 Depreciation
  Keep Manure and Nitrogen Beneath the Surface
  Fall Forage Management for Hay and Pasture
  Milk Market Update
July 2008 Treating Subclinical Mastitis Based on Milk Culture Results
  Vegetative Treatment of Compost Site Runoff
  Potential of Two Aerobic Units to Treat Water
  Cover Crops: Manure's Best Friend
  Progressive Planning for MAEAP Livestock System
  BVD-PI Eradication: Unintended Consequences
  New Horizons in Johne's Disease Control
  Get Some Culture: Eat Yogurt
  Dairy Title of the 2008 Farm Bill
April 2008 Oral Fluid Therapy for Adult Dairy Cattle
  On-farm Mastitis Culturing: Is it Right for You?
  Ration Fermentability: Key Factor for Inclusion Level of Distiller's Grains in Lactation Rations
  Can You Afford to Cut Feed Costs?
  Time to Regroup!
  Utilizing Forage Legumes as Nitrogen Sink and Source
  Growing Low Potassium Grass Hay for Dry Cows
Jan 2008 Milking Facility Wash Water: Facts and Figures
  Optimizing Use of Nutrients for Crops: Dairy anure Replaces Commercial Fertilizer
  Taking Steps to Reduce Livestock Air Emissions from Livestock Farms
  New Realities of Cost of Production
  Does Your Dairy Farm Have an Emergency Plan for a Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak?
Oct 2007 Farm Decisions Related to rbST Use in Michigan
  Nitrate Toxicity in Drought-Stressed Forage Crops
  Updated AI Sire Selection Criteria
  Department of Homeland Security Issues New Rule on No-Match Letters
  Farm Income Tax Planning in 2007
  Tips for Completing the DEQ Permit Process
  What to Expect When Your Farm is Examined for BSE
  What to Expect with a Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak
July 2007 Johne's Disease Herd Prevalence Study
  Survey of Michigan Dairy Farmers' Perceptions about Lameness
  Stepping into the 21st Century, Energy Options for Michigan Farms
  Do Dietary Changes Reduce Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations?
  Advances in the Fight Against Johne's Disease
April 2007 G6G/Ovsynch to Increase Reproductive Performance
  Feeding Practices of High Producing Herds in Michigan
  Interpreting Cattle Behavior
  Water Quality Risk of Uncovered Bovine Mortality compost Piles
  Proposed Legislation to Impact Dairy Labor
  What Causes Winterkill Alfalfa and What Forage Alternatives are Available if it Occurs?
  Persistently Infected with BVDV? Now What?
Jan 2007 On-farm Milk Culturing and Mastitis
  Environmental Effects of MAEAP Verification
  Freestall Bedding Levels and Cow Comfort
  Tips for Feeding Corn Distiler's Grains to Dairy Cattle
  Calving is an inflammatory Process
  Functional Genomics
Oct 2006 Managing Pain to Increase Cow Comfort
  Maximizing your manure investment
  MAEAP verification: motivations and opinions of participating producers
  Bioenergy and animal agriculture
  Net Merit - updated in August 2006
  MAEAP involvement spurs changes in Michigan farms of small and medium sizes
July 2006 Michigan cattle and electronic identification
  Electronic identification facts
  Responding to interpersonal conflicts
  Financial implications of MAEAP Verification on Michigan Livestock Operations, 2000-2004
  Compost: Current Practices and Market Demand Potential in Michigan
  Oxidant stress and inflammation in over-conditioned cows
  8 ways to beat the summer pasture slump
  Ensure the safety of your computerized finanical records
April 2006 Testing soil for no-cost nitrogen
  Opportunities for conserving energy and saving money in dairy operations
  Discovery of potential new measure for fertility in cattle
  An aid to evaluating the protein status of your herd: milk urea nitrogen testing
  Farm records data entry: a challenge with rewards!
  15 practices in response to Johne's disease in your farm
  Secure dangerous chemicals in your farm
January 2006 Clinical mastitis treatment decisions
  CornPicker for Silage Hybrids
  Vaccinating the cow protects the calf
  Reason number "21" for controlling Johne's disease: a quality product
  Odor: Give your neighbors a break: a wind break
October 2005 Raw milk: a risk worth taking?
  Farmers need to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation
  We can reduce risk of alfalfa winterkill
  Animal manure: future strategies for profitable animal agriculture in Michigan
  Stop, read: your farm may be a CAFO, too!
  Raising awareness of Lumpy Skin Disease
July 2005 Tips for 2005 corn silage harvest
  Milk per Acre: Right for Few, Wrong for Many
  Corn silage harvest: the rest of the story
  Cover crops benefit winter manure spreading
  Stabilize farm land with cover crops
April 2005 Awareness of foreign animal diseases may help reduce animal loss
  Water is most important nutrient for young calves
  Why cows eat what they eat
  Time to update your sire selection goals
  Some tips for spring forage management
  The eyes have it- swiss cheese
January 2005 Anitbiograms for antibiotics: dairy use?
  Manure application on tile-drained cropland
  Employees: a source of competitive advantage
  Genetic base update- February 2005
  Farm security: more serious than you think
October 2004 2004 income tax planning
  Shortened dry periods: good or bad
  Seven surefire ways to improve fertility of dairy cows
  Late summer and fall harvest management of alfalfa
  Spreading manure on frozen, snow covered fields
  Carbon sequestration, what is it in dairy-forage systems
  Development of non-antibiotic tactics to control mastitis
  Time management for success in business and life: part II
July 2004 Air quality and agriculture
  Have enough land to apply your manure?
  AI bulls ranked by conception rates
  Water intake and supply for dairy cattle

January 2004

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