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January 2007

Michigan Dairy Judging Teams Cap Fall
Season with Win in Louisville

Joe Domecq
Dept. of Animal Science

The Michigan State University Collegiate, Ag Tech, and several Michigan 4-H Dairy Judging Teams spent many weekends visiting farms and judging cows in preparation for the 2006 judging season. That hard work resulted in outstanding performances at three national dairy judging contests.

The Michigan 4-H teams are selected from the top 25 individuals at the state judging contest held during Michigan Dairy Expo. These individuals are invited to participate in several workouts during August, and the teams for each contest are selected at the end of August. All 4-H youth are invited and encouraged to participate in the contest at Michigan Dairy Expo and tryout for one of the national teams. The Collegiate and Ag Tech team members are selected from students at Michigan State University who have completed a judging course and participated in the MSU judging program.

ABS Global, Michigan Dairy Memorial Foundation, Michigan FFA Alumni Association, Michigan Holstein Association, Michigan Milk Producers Association, Northstar Cooperative, Inc., and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan provide major financial support to the MSU Dairy Judging Program.

Special thanks are extended to Sarah Black, Sara Long, Renee McCauley, and Karolyn Terpstra who coached and traveled with the teams to various contests and workouts this fall.


Collegiate Dairy Judging Team members were Baylee Drown (Cedar Springs), Jessica Geurink (Allendale), Matt Sneller (Sebewaing), and Mary TenBrink (Coopersville). The MSU Ag Tech Dairy Management Program was represented by Tim Gamble (New Carlisle, IN), Ashley Messing (Bad Axe), Adam Preston (Quincy), and Kenda Quist (McBain).

Pennsylvania All-American Dairy Show, Harrisburg, PA. Michigan 4-H was represented by Katie Arndt (Elsie), Sara Mann (Camden), Sarah Mowry (Burlington), and Billy Shuler (Baroda). Heather Fry (Blanchard), Jake Shepard (Brown City), Eric Sneller (Sebewaing), and Kendra Stieg (Hersey) competed as the Michigan team in the FFA division.

The Collegiate Team placed 2nd in Jerseys, 4th in Holsteins, 5th in oral reasons, and 7th overall. Individually, Jessica was 6th in Jerseys. Matt was 10th in Holsteins and oral reasons. The Michigan 4-H Team placed 7th in Holsteins and Jerseys, 9th in Brown Swiss, 10th in linear evaluation and oral reasons, and 10th overall. Katie was 11th in Jerseys and Bill was 6th in Holsteins. In the FFA division, the Michigan team placed 1st in oral reasons and Guernseys, 2nd in Holsteins, 3rd in linear evaluation and Brown Swiss, and 4th in Ayrshires.

World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI. Michigan 4-H Team members included Gail Carpenter (Dansville), Jessica Fry (Blanchard), Billy Shuler (Baroda), and Amanda Zwagerman (Zeeland). The 4-H Team placed 4th in Ayrshires, 2nd in Brown Swiss and Jerseys, 9th in Guernseys, 1st in oral reasons, and 3rd overall. Gail was 9th in Ayrshires, 3rd in reasons, and 8th overall. Jessica was 6th in Jerseys and 12th in oral reasons. Amanda was 8th in Brown Swiss, 10th in reasons and 12th overall. The Collegiate Team placed 1st in Milking Shorthorns and Guernseys, 3rd in Ayrshires, 5th in Brown Swiss, 3rd in oral reasons, and 6th overall. Individually, Mary was 2nd in Milking Shorthorns, 6th in Ayrshires, 9th in Guernseys, and 11th in oral reasons. Jessica was 3rd in Brown Swiss, 10th in Milking Shorthorns, and 9th in oral reasons. Matt was 8th in Ayrshires, 5th in Milking Shorthorns, and 10th overall. The Ag Tech Team placed 5th in Ayrshires, 4th in Brown Swiss, 3rd in Holsteins, 4th in reasons, and 4th overall. Individually, Kenda placed 7th in Brown Swiss and 8th in Red and Whites. Ashley was 6th in Red and Whites. Tim placed 3rd in Ayrshires and 6th in Milking Shorthorns. Adam was 5th in Ayrshires, 9th in Brown Swiss, 2nd in Holsteins, 10th in Red and Whites, 1st in Jerseys, 9th in reasons, and was the 2nd high individual overall. In the Practical Contest, The Ag Tech Team placed 1st in commercial heifer evaluation, 3rd in registered heifers, 4th in linear evaluation, and 2nd overall. The Collegiate Team was 3rd in commercial heifers, 6th in registered heifers, 8th in linear evaluation, and 4th overall. The Michigan 4-H Team was 10th in commercial heifers, 7th in linear evaluation and 10th overall.

North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY. The Collegiate Team placed 1st in Holsteins and Jerseys, 3rd in Guernseys, 4th in Brown Swiss, 2nd in oral reasons, and 1st overall. Matt placed 3rd in Holsteins, 9th in Guernseys, 1st in Jerseys, 2nd in oral reasons, and 2nd overall. Mary was 5th in Brown Swiss, 1st in Guernseys, and 7th overall. Jessica placed 8th in Holsteins, 2nd in Jerseys, and 9th in oral reasons. Baylee placed 3rd in Ayrshires. The Ag Tech Team placed 4th in Ayrshires, 3rd in Guernseys, 4th in Holsteins, 5th in Jerseys, 4th in oral reasons, and 5th overall. Tim was 8th in Ayrshires, 3rd in Guernseys, 6th in Holsteins, 5th in Jerseys, and 3rd in oral reasons and overall. Adam was 7th in Guernseys and Kenda was 10th in Holsteins. Michigan 4-H was represented in this contest by Emily Butcher (Corunna), Grady Drown (Cedar Springs), Becky Hale (Brown City), and Amanda Sollman (Brown City). This team placed 5th in Ayrshires and Guernseys and 15th overall. Emily was 4th in Guernseys and 11th in reasons. Grady was 4th in Ayrshires.





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