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The all milk price could climb to $18/cwt in the next few years. Whether that happens depends on the stability of the 2.9 milk-to-feed price ratio average between 1995 and 2006.

Deanna and Tom Stamp say cooperating with Dairy Educator Craig Thomas has been an important part of their dairy farm's success.

The Farm Nutrient Cycle Screen Saver illustrates the flow and recycling of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium through a dairy farm as well as offers tips for efficient nutrient use. It is a companion to the Spartan Nutrient Cycle Card and requires Adobe Flash Player to operate.








A new synchronization method increases reproductive performance.

Proposed legislation
that could impact
dairy labor

Mortality Composting
Environmental risks of mortality compost piles and ammendments .

Cattle Behavior
Cows communicate important messages.
Are you listening?.

How to detect it and reduce its spread.

Alfalfa Winterkill
What causes it and what to do when it happens .

Feeding Practices
A survey of high producing Michigan herds.

Gold Standard
MSU Dairy Farm recognized nationally.

Producers Jeremy & Dezi Beebe, Galen Schalk, and dairy educator Phil Durst

Dairy Expo
11th mcihigan Dairy Expo to be held in July