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April 2009

Michigan Biosecurity STOP Sign Campaign to START

Ted Ferris
Dept. of Animal Science

Dan Grooms
College of Veterinary Medicine

Beginning in April, Michigan State University Extension will begin a project to work with dairy and beef operations to demonstrate farm gate biosecurity protocols. The project is intended to create awareness of the importance of biosecurity and farm security. A research component of this project will attempt to identify why dairy and beef producers do and don’t adopt farm gate biosecurity and security practices. Biosecurity protocols being considered include posting a driveway STOP Sign (to be provided) requesting visitors to see management before entering animal facilities, creating one entry drive with a closeable gate, a designated visitor parking area to help control farm traffic, a boot disinfecting station with a plastic boot dispenser and a place for a daily sign-in log sheet for visitors. Participants will be provided with written materials and training/instructions to implement these protocols. These protocols will reduce risk to disease introduction and aid in farm security.

The project is being funded jointly by the United States Department of Agriculture, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Michigan State University Animal Industry Coalition. It is part of the Be Aware Be Prepared animal industry effort that involves a number of animal industry groups including Michigan Milk Producers Association, MSU, Michigan Farm Bureau, Dairy Farmers of America, Michigan Pork Producers Association, Michigan Cattlemen’s Association, and Michigan Department of Agriculture. The demonstration project may involve 100-200 dairy farms and 50-100 beef producers who will be asked to voluntarily participate. The ultimate goal of this important project is to help further ensure the health and welfare of Michigan’s dairy and cattle industry by increasing awareness and adoption of farm gate biosecurity protocols.

For more information, contact Dr. Ted Ferris at 517-355-8442 (ferris@msu.edu) or Dr. Dan Grooms at 517-432-1494 (groomsd@cvm.msu.edu).





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