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2008 Dairy Survey

virtual dairy cattle encyclopedia of reproduction

CornPicker for Silage Hybrids

spartan nutrient cycle card

Management "Tips"

iincrease profits These articles continue the MDR series of “tips” following the lead article from the April edition titled “Weathering the Storm.” It is our hope that expanding upon the different aspects of dairy management will benefit the industry especially in the current harsh economic climate.

Following documents are in pdf: pdf

Silage & Bunk Management

Faith Cullens & Craig Thomas
Extension Dairy Educators.

Dairy Farm Energy Audit Program
Ira Krupp
Extension Educator, Southwest Michigan.

Can You Afford Ovsynch during Tough Economic Times?
Lou Neuder & Will Raphael
Dept. of Large Animal Clinical Sciences.




Oct Issue

Cow Comfort
Gauging cow comfort at the new KBS Dairy.

Maximizing Intake of Corn Silage Pt2
Part 2 of how corn silage affect energy intake and animal performance.

Management "Tips"
Continuing with the series of "tips" aimed at assisting dairy producers especially in the current harsh economic climate.

High-fertility, High-producing Cows
There is more to milk production and reproductive performance than just genetics.

2009 Income Tax Planning
Challenges in planning to achieve 2009 tax goals.

Spread Winter Manure with Great Caution
Inherent risks of variable winter weather conditions.

Feed Inventory Management
The importance of managing farm inventories of feeds.

Is 3X Milking for You?
Pros and cons of 3X milking.

Farm Visitors' Policy
Curbing potential routes disease can enter farm operations.