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Spartan Dairy 3.0 Is Ready

Mike VandeHaar 
Dept. of Animal Science


Spartan Dairy 3.0 ration evaluation program is available as a 60-day demonstration version that can be downloaded for free at www.spartandairy.msu.edu. Spartan 3.0 uses a spreadsheet interface, similar to Spartan 2, but it is a complete remake of the program with many new features and completely new nutritional model and user interface. It was designed to formulate reasonable diets in a relatively short period of time using the latest science. 

Key Features
•  A stand-alone program that runs on MS Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista, or XP
•  Solid science: uses NRC 2001 and additional improvements developed at MSU
•  Lots of information:120 feed characteristics to help with troubleshooting
•  Adaptable: balance a diet with just the “Home” tab or with all 120 columns
•  Tested: used in teaching at MSU for 3 years and on test farms for 2 years
•  Nutrient management information for environmental sustainability
•  Several rations and feed libraries can be open simultaneously
•  Feeds can be copied and pasted from one file to another, and to and from MS Excel to facilitate updating feed analyses 
•  Reports can be previewed before printing
•  Nutritional adequacy can be previewed in graphical form
•  Works in English or Metric units
•  Spartan 3.0 works best in Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista, and XP. 
•  A least cost optimizer is not included in this version of Spartan 3.0. Implementation of this feature would be possible if there is sufficient interest. 

Production Sales & Support
For questions regarding the program, consult our website: www.spartandairy.msu.edu or email us at spdairy@msu.edu. To order Spartan Dairy 3.0, see the website or write us at: Spartan Dairy Program, 1290 Anthony, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824.

The sale price for Spartan Dairy 3.0 is $450. Updates to fix bugs will be free. Shipping and handling are free within the USA. Credit card purchases are preferred for payments with foreign currencies.