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Annual Great Dairy Adventure, a Success                   

Ike Iyioke
Dept. Animal Science

On July 22, the 11th annual Great Dairy Adventure was held. It attracted numerous children of all ages, parents and educators who learned about dairy cows, farming and dairy products through hands-on activities. Participants, some of whom are potential dairy professionals and enthusiasts, had the opportunity to pet a cow, experiment with dairy recipes, sample ice cream and cheese, and milk a cow by hand.

The adventure was part of the 13th annual Michigan Dairy Expo at the Michigan State University Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education.

“The 2011 Great Dairy Adventure was attended by about 1,500 kids and adults” said Joe Domecq, MSU Extension dairy youth specialist and Expo director. “The extremely hot weather kept attendance down this year, but the people who did attend were introduced to many aspects of the dairy industry. Over 75 volunteers from across Michigan’s dairy industry worked to put on the Great Dairy Adventure, which is part of the Michigan Dairy Expo. Plans are already under way for 2012.”

On the wider scale, dairy producers from across the state and visitors of all ages came to the Expo to learn about Michigan’s dairy industry by visiting commercial exhibits and attending dairy management seminars and state breed shows. More than 500 dairy animals were on display by over 200 exhibitors during the 5-day event.



Photos: Ike V. Iyioke

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