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MSU ANR Communications Staff

When farmers and others interested in agriculture want access to the latest information and research from Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) in one convenient, online location, MSU Extension News for Agriculture (http://news.msue.msu.edu) is quickly becoming farmers’ go-to source. The site contains the most recent and relevant information from MSUE educators throughout the state and at Michigan State University. 

News for Agriculture helps MSUE educators extend their reach to wherever their expertise is needed in the state. Farmers, agribusiness professionals, and others involved in Michigan’s agriculture industry have immediate access to information important to the success of their operations.

The site features pertinent articles from more than 160 MSUE experts throughout the state in a variety of categories, including animal agriculture, plant-based agriculture, the bio-economy, business, home and garden, and organic agriculture. The site is updated daily to provide the most up-to-date, relevant information including hot topics and ways to deal with weather-related harvest and planting issues.

Coping With Impacts of Late Planting and High Feed Costs
For example, 2011 spring and summer weather has been a challenge for many Michigan farmers. Experts say the heavy spring rains that delayed planting, the summer heat wave and high feed prices will have a long-lasting effects. That is why MSUE educators and specialists have made key, relevant information quickly accessible for dairy, livestock and crop farmers at MSU Extension News for Agriculture.

“When you plant late, everything else is affected,” explains Roger Betz, MSU senior Extension Educator, who focuses on farm business management. “We are working to make sure we offer science-based, practical and timely information for farmers struggling with challenges related to late-planting, feed shortages, high feed costs, and harvest issues.”

Betz teamed with about 20 other educators and specialists to contribute information that specifically addresses solutions to challenges resulting from 2011 weather conditions. That information can be accessed at MSU Extension News for Agriculture. It is indexed under “Late planting issues, high feed cost issues,” found in the left-hand navigation on the traditional website and on the landing page of the mobile version of the same site.

Since the MSUE News for Agriculture site launched in March 2011, more than 100,000 visitors have accessed over 1,000 articles, worksheets and fact sheets provided by MSU Extension educators and scientists.

To learn more, visit http://news.msue.msu.edu.

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