I received my bachelor’s degree from Millersville University (PA) in Environmental Biology and had excellent opportunities to gain one on one support from faculty and got my first taste of research. After my bachelors I accepted a position from Dr. Wagner in 2008 and immediately following graduation began research at Hammond Bay Biological Station ( HBBS) located on Lake Huron. Since 2008 I have spent 5-7 months each year at HBBS carrying out reseach and it is my home away from home. We receive great support from the researchers at HBBS and my work would not have been possible without a number of individuals at the station that support both my logistical and intellectual challenges and questions. In 2010, I received my Master’s and Ph.D degrees from Michigan State University.

Interests and Hobbies

Although most of my time focuses around research, in my spare time my favorite activities are sports (basketball and football), wood working and going for walks or kayaking with my wife and dogs. I also greatly enjoy hunting and fishing.


My wife and I love to travel. My favorite destination is the big island of Hawaii, though we enjoyed a trip to Jamaica in 2011, where we were married, that is a close second. In 2011 I also attended a conference in Portugal, ( “Bioactive Water Borne Chemicals-2011”), which turned out to be an amazing experience that resulted in me meeting many excellent scientists that I regularly cite throughout my work. This year I had the opportunity to tour throughout Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia, an experience I will not soon forget. We also had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Kay Holekamp's Hyena lab in the the Masai Mara. It is a wonderful research camp and unlike any other place we have visited. I feel it is important to travel and see the world to really grasp how humans and the rest of nature interact.