"...if newcomers arrive from far away as the result of large-scale alterations in geography or climate, the change in selective regime and the evolutionary responses to this change could be dramatic."

         -Vermeij, G. J. (1996)   Biological Conservation 78, 3–9.


Manuscript Publication: Our manuscript, "What is the animal doing? Tools for exploring behavioral structure in animal movements." was recently published in the Journal of Animal Ecology. Dr. Elie Gurarie did an excellent job outlining some very useful tools that we have used to analyze sea lamprey movement data.(doi: 10.1111/1365-2656.12379).

Graduate School News: I completed my Ph.D. degree at Michigan State University this spring (2015). A big thank you to my advisor (Dr. Mike Wagner) and lab for all of their help completing my degree on time and especially for their help during the development of my defense seminar!

Job Search: I am currently planning on taking a fellowship that begins in February 2016. If you are working with animal movement data (or other data types) and need assistance please contact me. I will be happy to let you know if I can assist. I am currently publishing dissertation research but have time available to take on additional research.

Research 2015: Stay tuned, as we have multiple articles coming in 2015 that focus on sea lamprey navigation and management.