a Webpage of Trevor Meckley

Informal Instruction:

Supervised field and lab activities for 21 undergraduate technicians over 6 years and three seasonal Fish and wildlife employees as we carried out activities leading to the successful completion of planned research projects. I taught protocols and good lab and field practices. We covered simple activities from fish handling and sex identification techniques in the lab to more applied techniques such as lake chemical sampling and fish tracking activities in the field. In addition, I specifically mentored technicians through their undergraduate research study requirements and mentored a High School student as they developed a graduation project and competed in local scholarly paper competitions.

Formal Instruction:

Teaching Assistant for FW 420: Stream Ecology. The class focuses on the biological and environmental factors determining structure and function of stream ecosystems.

Taught an invasion ecology lecture (50 minute) for conservation biology (MSU FW 444).

Volunteered at 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp. Led morning sessions with 15 person groups of 13-15 year olds and discussed invasive species and invasion ecology. The camp was located in Camp Chickagami, Presque Isle, MI.