Course: Aquatic Entomology

ENT 422

Fall Semester - (3 credits)

Meets 3 times a week - 2 lectures and 1 laboratory session per week

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the biology, ecology, and systematics of aquatic insects that live in streams, lakes, and wetlands. The lecture portion of this course will focus on the biology, physiology, behavior, and ecology of aquatic insects. The laboratory portion of the course will focus on the morphology and identification of aquatic insects.

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1. To acquaint students with the kinds of insects occurring in various aquatic habitats

2. To consider the morphological, behavioral and physiological adaptations and habits that have allowed aquatic insects to occupy different habitats and establish their role in the aquatic food chain

3. To develop an understanding of the ecological relationships between aquatic insects and their environment (including man)

4. To introduce the theory and concepts of stream and aquatic insect ecology

5. To teach the basics of aquatic insect identification.

Included topics

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Aquatic Environments and Ecological Classification of Freshwater Organisms

Aquatic Insect Biology and Ecology

Insect Drift

Predator - Prey Interactions

Trophic Relations of Aquatic Insects

Nutrient Spiraling

Filter Feeding Ecology

River Continuum Concept

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Aquatic Insect Identification

Case Studies:

Marine Derived Nutrients

Hawaiian Tropical Streams

River Restoration - The Kissimmee River Florida

Buruli Ulcer - The Mysterious Disease

Forensic Entomology