Course - Forensic Entomology: The Role of Insects in Crime Scene Investigations

ENT 401, sec. 730 & 731 - ENT 890, sec. 730 & 731 (ENT 812 non-credit)

Online Course: 7 weeks (3 credits), No pre-requisites, Summer, Fall & Spring Semesters

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Course Description

This course describes the various ways insects can and have been used as evidence in court and explains how they can assist in solving crimes. The emphasis is on how insects and related arthropods are used to determine postmortem intervals and estimate time of death in murder investigations. This course was designed for law and legal professionals, teachers and students, and members of the general public who are interested in learning more about forensic entomology. Some material presented in this course is graphic in nature and includes photographs and video of crime scenes and bodies in various stages of decomposition. Actual cases are used to explain major points.

Greenbottle Fly Maggots