About the Merritt lab

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The Aquatic Entomology Lab at Michigan State University, or better known as the Merritt lab, is a group of undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral and research associates, that study and research the ecology of aquatic insects, under the direction of Dr. Richard Merritt. Most studies in the Merritt lab involve the ecology of aquatic insects in multiple habitats including streams, lakes and wetlands. In general this research has involved the feeding ecology and trophic relationships, animal microbial interactions, population dynamics and influence of environmental factors on immature aquatic insects, especially black flies and mosquitoes. In addition to aquatic insects, research studies have also been conducted in the fields of medical and forensic entomology. For more detailed information on research projects and publications from the Merritt Lab, both past and present, click the "research" link above.

The Merritt lab functions under the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University, where Dr. Merritt recently served as Chairman from 2002-2008. The Merritt Lab, which consists of a main laboratory, conference room, storeroom, and multiple offices, is currently housed on the third floor of Giltner Hall. A total of 7 graduate students, 4-5 undergraduates, and a postdoc can generally be found in the lab and/or surrounding offices. Of these students, there are 3 Ph.D. students (Osvaldo Hernandez, Ryan Kimbirauskas, David Malakauskas) and 3 Masters Students (Emily Olds, Todd White, Matt Wesener, Sarah Willson), and a postdoctoral research associate (Mollie McIntosh).

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