Culture and Diversity 

Diversity is...
                     1.  differing from one another
                     2.  composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities

Definitions of "Diversity"
When American voters hear the term "diversity" without any definition or other context attached, most specifically think of race/ethnicity:


Facts on these important issues:

    Unequal payment of women and minorities

Ratio of Earning in America by Race and Gender
White Men $1.00
White Women $0.73
African American Men $0.75
African American Women $0.63
Hispanic Men $0.62
Hispanic Women $0.53

Change is on the way

    Race and ethnicity are to distinct aspencts of culture that are often confused.  Race is a group of people that share common biological characteristics.  Ethnicity is a group of people that share the same cultural heritiage.

The Changing Make Up of United States Population

                        66%  Mexico
                        14%  Central and South America
                        11%  Puerto Rico
                        4%    Cuba

Popualtion Estimates of the U.S. August 1999

Popuation %of total Median Age (years) Mean Age (years) % Male % Female
All Populations 273,137 100 35.5 36.4 48.9 51.1
Cacasion 224,865 82.3 36.6 37.3 49.1 50.9
African American 34,948 12.8 30.1 32.1 47.5 52.5
American Indian, Eskimo, Aluet 2,400 .9 27.7 30.4 49.5 50.5
Asian American, Pacific Islander 10,924 4 31.7 32.6 47.9 52.1
Hispanic 31,469 11.5 26.5 28.8 50.3 49.7


Neighborhood Diversity
Based on self-reporting, it seems roughly half of Americans live in "diverse" neighborhoods "with many different kinds of         people", while the other half live in "homogeneous" neighborhoods with the people being basically "similar in background."

Poverty Among Minorities


Diversity in the classroom

Harassment In a Diverse Nation
Sexual Orentation Gender Race and Ethnicity                             It may consider the follow items to be unlawful:
                                        Creating racist graffiti in public
                                        Dislpaying the Nazi insignia in public
                                        Making racist speeches in public

What can we do?
    Relevent Organizations and Agencies

     Elizabeth W. Bauer, Executive Director
     Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service
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     Lansing, MI 48933-1706
     (517) 487-1755 (V/TTY); (800) 288-5923 (V/TTY)

GLSEN National Office
                          121 West 27th St., Ste. 804
                          New York, NY 10001
                          tel: (212) 727-0135
                          fax: (212) 727-0254

Relevent Web Sites
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