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sgm, 2018/AUG/03     addendum below



Dear Fellow Christians and Good People of Earth,


My name is Sam Micheal and i consider myself “beyond Christianity” with the following qualifications: i’m not better than others, i don’t “know” God’s plan/will any better than others, and i’m most certainly not special .. but .. i do have a special message from God for you ..


After two thousand years, we’re ready for a different kind of Christianity .. Not diluted, not emaciated, not perverted, not twisted .. but most decidedly better.


Before i get into that, i need to tell you first about how i became a Christian .. The story begins at age three with my grandma whispering in my ear about the “secret of life” .. Later that day, she told me it: “God is Love”. That forever changed my life because i wanted .. no, NEEDED to understand what she meant.


On a convoluted path through science, physics, and much more, i began to truly understand her “secret” .. i went from raised Catholic to Mennonite to .. something else .. something, as i say above, better .. i began to label God the Prime Goddess because i understood a nurturing, caring, and forgiving person is usually female.


And let me make it absolutely unequivocally clear that God is a person with needs and .. let me say it: is human, albeit with no weaknesses nor negativity, just like us.


So Christians who obsess about: the Crucifixion and its symbolism, the divinity of Christ (even though Jesus repeatedly labeled himself the Son of Man), and anything that distracts us from a loving spousal relationship with God is wasting our time.


O.O wait, there’s more: it’s my theological “student of the Bible” opinion that Armageddon and anything associated with it is a SATANIC concept intended for humanity to destroy itself. Yep, i believe certain parts of the Bible are Satanically interpreted; John, in Revelations, was talking about the fall of Rome NOT planetary upheaval .. Think about it: Rome was the “world” to them: Jesus, John, and everybody they knew .. It’s high time for a fresh start without Satanic deceptions.


.. Trust me, it took me years of study, prayer, and experiencing human life on this “accursed planet” ;) to arrive at the conclusions above .. And i’m always one to look ahead for humanity – try to see our destiny through our present seemingly everlasting confusion .. i see us soon colonizing Mars and going beyond .. And we most certainly don’t need an outdated self-marginalizing faith/denomination ruining everything for ourselves and everybody else at this critical juncture in human history.


This brings us to Hope Micheal, my lovely one-year-old daughter, who this letter is dedicated to .. i make audio/video letters for her every day – when she’s mature enough to understand them .. If i can get her to believe in herself, she’ll lead the next few generations to the stars .. i will never be remembered for Hope Numerals (Roman numeral like numbers), the single math proof i developed about set theory, or anything else as such .. If i am remembered at all, it will be as the father of Hope Micheal, the one who changed everything .. for the better.


Sam Micheal, 20180320.23