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My name is Karen Milczynski and I am a Family and Consumer Science Educator. I teach at Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township, Michigan. I currently teach Independent Living, Consumer Education, Sewing I and II, and Interior Design to students in grades 10-12. There are several factors that inspired me to become an FCS educator. First, I believe that the life skills taught in FCS courses are extremely important for students to learn. Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to take FCS courses when I was younger, I recognize how often I use the skills that can be obtained from the courses on a daily basis.

Years ago, Home Economics was the former name for Family and Consumer Science. Just as the name evolved over the years, so has the content. One of the biggest ways that Home Economics has changed is through the utilization of new technologies in every course. In Parenting/Child Development, wireless Real Care ® babies are used to simulate what it’s like to care for a newborn infant. In Nutrition, computer generated meal plans are created to asses calorie intake based on a person’s body mass index (BMI). And in Fabrics/Sewing class, students are taught how to transform old clothing into new fashionable wears using internet tutorials as well as various instructional crafting websites for inspiration. I am very passionate about the evolution of Family and Consumer Science and I feel very strongly about addressing the needs of our young adults today. The world we currently live in is very different from the past with regards to technology. I really do believe that technology literacy is the new reading literacy - meaning that it is imperative for a student’s future success in life.