What is the Michigan School Program Information (MiSPI) Project about?

Public schools regularly adopt programs to help meet students' needs. These programs can address instructional needs like reading or math, health needs like physical fitness or making healthy food choices, and social skills needs like dealing with bullying. However, it can be challenging for public school administrators to find information about the programs that are available, to locate programs that are a good fit for their students' needs, and to evaluate which programs are most effective. The goal of the Michigan School Program Information (MiSPI) project is to understand how public school administrators locate information about these kinds of programs, and how they make decisions about which programs to use in their districts.



Who is participating in the project?

The project will focus on school administrators in public school districts located throughout Michigan who play a role in looking for or choosing school programs. In addition, the project will look at people and organizations that help school administrators find the information they are looking for. You can learn about opportunities to participate in the project here.



What are participants being asked to do?

Each participant will be asked to complete a short 10 minute survey about how they search for information about school programs. Some will also be invited to participate in a 30-60 minute interview about the strategies they use for finding and selecting school programs.



How will the results of the project be used?

All survey and interview responses will be kept strictly confidential. The research team will analyze these data and use the anonymized results to identify ways to make it easier for public school administrators to find the information they are looking for, and to make that information easier to use. This could include the creation of a website portal to assist in searching for information about school programs, or the development of networking events to connect administrators and program developers.



Who is responsible for the project?

The project is being conducted by Dr. Zachary Neal and Dr. Jennifer Watling Neal at Michigan State University, with the assistance of several PhD graduate students. You can meet the MiSPI research team here.



How is the project funded?

The MiSPI project is supported by research grants from both the William T. Grant Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.



How can I learn more about MiSPI?

You can contact the MiSPI research team at

You can also reach Dr. Zachary Neal at 517-432-1811, and Dr. Jennifer Neal at 517-432-6708.