Lab Happenings

AJ Talking Science Mackenzie thinks it’s hilarious when AJ pretends to know what he’s talking about.

AJ_Audrey_Lauren-Mid-SURE-2016 Audrey and Lauren present at the Mid-SURE poster session, Summer 2016.

Andrew at Keystone Paula at Keystone Andrew and Paula present posters at the Keystone Symposium on Neuroepigenetics, Santa Fe, NM, Spring 2015.

Crammed in a car Q: How many grad students can you fit in a car?
A: Directly proportional to the amount of free food!

UURAF_1 UURAF_2 UURAF Poster Session 2015

SFN 2014 SFN 2014 Lab Dinner

Mackenzie lecturing to undergraduates at Vanderbilt University

Lab Lunch Lab Lunch