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The Muslim Students' Association of Michigan State University strives to bring diverse groups of Muslim and non-Muslim students together to better themselves and the community around them through the lens of spirituality and intellectuality. We welcome Muslims from every creed and background to join us in not only learning about Islam, but teaching it to one another and the community around us through fellowship. We hope your journey at Michigan State University with the MSA allows you to explore what being a Spartan Muslim holds and how we can unify to make up the Spartan MSA. Join our mailing list, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and text @msamsu to 81010. Looking forward to helping you become a Spartan Muslim!


Founded as the "Moslem Student Association of Michigan State University" during the 1963-64 academic year by a group of international students, the Muslim Students' Association of MSU is among one of the oldest presently active student organizations at MSU and one of the first MSAs to be established across the country. During its beginnings in the 1960s, the MSA was at the forefront of bringing students together, holding Friday prayer on campus, celebrating religious festitivities like Eid, and hosting guest speakers to lecture about contemporary Islamic topics. In the 1970s, the MSA helped in the founding of the Islamic Center of East Lansing by collecting funds from across the world, bought and created "The Muslim House" next door, and established the first Muslim cemetery in the Lansing area. By the 2000s and 2010s, the MSA of MSU expanded to become involved in and start a diverse set of community outreach programs like Project Downtown to help out Lansing's homeless community and Project Halimah to help out its refugee community. Programs like Fast-A-Thon and Islamic Awareness Week have been started by the MSA to teach the campus community about Islam. Being one of the leading advocates, the MSA was able to help in establishing the reflection rooms on campus for students to find a place for prayer. MSU's MSA has earned multiple awards including the Campus Impact Award (2005-2006), the Student Orgnization Achievment Award (2005-2006), the Excellence in Diversity Award (2009), and the Peace and Justice Studies Award (2010). The MSA continues its mission serving the MSU community to this day.