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Need to pray on campus? Not a problem! You have a few options. The MSU reflection rooms are open to members of all faiths. Each of the rooms has prayer rugs for you to use. The most active and spacious reflection room is in room 1277 in Anthony Hall, which can fit tens of students. Another option is room B284 in Wells Hall. The Law College Building also has a reflection room on the fourth floor in room 412A. Additionally, certain residence halls in Brody Complex have their own refelection rooms which are open to residents of those halls, located in rooms C200B in Butterfield Hall (has a foot bath), C210B in Bryan Hall, and C210B in Armstrong Hall.

The Reflection Rooms On Campus

1277 Anthony Hall

B284 Wells Hall

412A Law College Building

C200B Butterfield Hall (open to residents of Butterfield Hall)

C210B Bryan Hall (open to residents of Bryan Hall)

C210B Armstrong Hall (open to residents of Armstrong Hall)