Audition Information


  • You will receive paperwork within 2 business days

FAQs for Spring Auditions

What skills do I need for auditions?

  • We look for well-rounded dancers that have experience in many styles (jazz, hip hop, pom, etc). We do expect our dancers have he ability to perform at least a double pirouette, fan kicks, second turns, calypsos, and straight leaps.
  • We are also looking for some tricks/tumbling background as an extra flair, this is by no way mandatory but can add to your scoresheet.

Do you host any clinics?

  • We are host a Spartan Dance Convention in August and hold Clinics in February usually, SEE OUT CLINICS TAB for current dates!
  • You can sign up for the Spartan Dance Convention/Clinics under our "CLINICS' tabs and get on our list for clinic dates by filling out our form on the "CONTACT US" tab

Can I attend a practice?

  • Yes, to an extent we have open practices. If you are on campus or want to visit please fill out the information request form under the "CONTACT US' tab for more information.

How is your team set up?

  • We are the Michigan State Dance Team and we have two squads- Green and White Squads
  • Green Squad primarily is made up of veterans and dancing at Football and Men's Basketball games
  • White Squad dances at Volleyball and Women's Basketball games






















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