Help send the MSU Dance Team to the UDA National Collegiate Championship!

The Michigan State Dance Team strives to compete in the annual ESPN/UDA National College Dance Team Championship, but they need your help. In the past, Michigan State University has been recognized nationally for high placement at this prestigious competition.

Results from previous years:

2014- 11th in Jazz
2013- 10th in Jazz
2012- did not compete
2011- 6th in Jazz
2010- 7th in Jazz & 8th in Hip Hop
2009- 8th in Jazz & 14th in Hip Hop
2007- 11th in Jazz & 9th in Hip Hop
2005- 11th in Jazz & 8th in Hip Hop
2004- 8th in Jazz
2003- 4th in Jazz
2002- 3rd in Jazz (there was no Hip Hop division at this time)

The team is fortunate to be funded by the Athletic Department, which pays for such expenses as camp fees, uniform costs, and travel to athletic events. This trip, however, is not subsidized and the team must find alternate funding. With your support, we can help keep the trip affordable for team members and ensure another remarkable showing.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the team, there are several ways you can help us reach our goal:

  • Make a secure online donation to the MSU Dance Team through the Spartan Fund. Make sure to specify you want your donation to go to the Dance Team.
  • Request an appearance at your next Spartan event! We are happy to attend:
    * Alumni Events
    * Football Tailgates
    * Birthday Parties
    * Any other MSU function

**In the past, we have participated in countless football tailgates, alumni golf outings, and Lansing area community events. For more information, please contact us with details of the event you would like us to attend.

Thank you to everyone for your generous support. Without you, our continued success would not be possible!



MSU Cheerleading/Dance Team

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East Lansing, MI 48824-1025
Phone: (586) 864 7231 Fax: (517) 432-7948