Michigan State University Gospel Choir



Ministers in Song United and Guided by Christ


We are ministers of God with our lives conformed to the will of God. Destroying yokes and removing burdens by the anointing of God. Transforming Hearts and minds by the word of God. Never wavering in our goal, to win a lost soul, all to the Glory of God!!!


    The Michigan State University Gospel Choir was originally founded as the Black Orpheus in 1971. Three MSU students by the name of Wanda Lindsey, Misque Assata, and Amy Boyce received the vision of a gospel choir while harmonizing one day in the hallway. Immediately they began to recruit choir members. In the fall term of 1971 the first rehearsal for the Black Orpheus was held.

    In November of 1978 the choir recorded their first album. This helped initiate the choirs traveling ministry and in the fall of 1987, the Black Orpheus was transformed into the Michigan State University Gospel Chorale. The reasoning behind this change was to make the name more inclusive for all people.

    In the present the Michigan State University Gospel Chorale is still a non-profit ministry. The choir travels across the state and throughout campus praising the name of Jesus in song and witnessing to His people. The chorale had approximately 60 members until the year 2003 when it reached a total 115 members. Under the leadership of William Hightower, President, and Ashley Adams, Vice President, the name changed from chorale to choir to give a more accurate view of the size of the choir.

    In March 2013, MSUGC traveled outside of the United States for the first time. The choir traveled to South America to serve in Venezuela for a week. Fulfilling the prophecies of many that came before them, The Michigan State University Gospel Choir impacted the lives of hundreds at they hosted concerts, participated in street ministry, and passed out necessities to the less fortunate.

    The choir now has several auxiliaries inside of it, each also ministering at their concerts. A Praise and Worship Team, a mime ministry known as Exuberant Praise, a dance team that incorporates varies styles of dance known as Hype 4 Christ, and their youngest auxiliary, Signs of Adoration which ministers to those who are hearing impaired.

    Currently under the leadership of Alexander Hoover as president and Tiaira Kelly as Vice President, the choir is still fulfilling its purpose. They look forward to an exhilarating and impactful rest of the year.

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