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Established in 1997 by a group of enterprising and ambitious students under the stewardship of Dr. Clark C. Johnson, the Michigan State University Journal of Medicine and Law is a biannual publication dedicated to advancing legal scholarship in the medical-legal field. The Journal is the only student-reviewed medical-legal specialty journal in Michigan and one of only approximately ten in the nation. Although the look and the membership of the Journal have changed throughout the years, the mission of the Journal has remained the same. The imperative of the Journal was and is to enrich medical-legal scholarship by encouraging doctors, attorneys, professors, and students to publish well-reasoned and thought-provoking articles on cutting edge and controversial topics in the health law field. The Journal also seeks to influence judicial opinions, legislation, and public policy development in both Michigan and on a federal level.

Recent Articles and comments featured in the Journal have included:

  • Public Health, State Alcohol Pricing Policies, and the Dismantling of the 21st Amendment: A Legal Analysis
    Elyse Grossman, James F. Mosher
  • Physician-Assisted Suicide - A Medicolegal Inquiry
    Steve Perlmutter
  • Promulgating Conscience: Drafting Pharmacist Conscientious Objector Clauses That Balance a Pharmacist's Moral Right to Refuse to Dispense Medication with Non-beneficiaries' Economic and Legal Rights
    Kimberly D. Phillips
  • To Release or Not to Release: An Analysis of the HIPAA Subpoena Exception
    Natalie F. Weiss
  • Spring Symposium: "Perspectives of Socialized Medicine in the U.S."
    March 18, 2011
    Wilson Huhn, Peter Hammer, Jules Olsman, Greg Shannon

In addition to publishing two quality issues each year, the Journal hosts events, including, but not limited to, symposia, debates, speakers, launch parties, and dinners. Past symposia have analyzed issues ranging from controlled substance laws to the implications of genetic mapping to healthcare in the prison system.


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