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Welcome to the MSU
Photo Club!

The group does what the group wants! If you want the club to do something or have an idea, we can do it! We LOVE to get all the input we can, and would love to hear from you and get everyone involved!

Contact us here with:

 places you want to go... either as a big group, or just a few people getting together.


 webpages you like... maybe some articles you found helpful, or your favorite photographers... or maybe just a really neat page! anything!


 books you like, or would recommend to other people to read, buy, rent from the library, etc.


 people who might want to start a workshop, lead a tour, give some advise, teach, anything. if  you have a skill, you should run a workshop at a meeting! 


  organizations that might give us some ideas, or we could join, or simply use as a resource


 contests you know about that we can post some deadlines to.. or that you want to start yourself! 


 advertising ideas... we need to get ourselves out there. if you want to be in charge for that, you got it! (who doesn't want to build their resume anyhow?) 


 fund raising  if we want to go on some trips, or enter in some workshops.. this all takes money... as we all know, the more the better!




Michgian State Photography Club



Check out the NEWS page for the e-mails with more details about these if you did not get them, or subscribe to our google calendar located on the EVENTS page
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