Welcome Spartans and friends to the MSU Salsa Club!

The smoothest social dance

Ladies and Gentleman, we are the MSU Salsa Club. We teach salsa lessons weekly on the Michigan State Campus, free of charge. On occasion and upon request we will also teach other dances such as bachata, merengue, and rueda.


It's that time of the year! Come have fun with MSU Salsa Club as we say our goodbyes to this academic year of 2012-2013. It's definitely been eventful and we would like to celebrate it with all of you! There will be light refreshments and anyone is more than welcome to bring their choice of snack/food.

This semi-formal event will not only celebrate the year but also the accomplishments that MSU Salsa Club has made thus far.

We would love to celebrate it with you! Bring a friend, food, a smile, and your dancing shoes. Get ready to dance the night away!

*Please note that there won't be formal lessons during this event but occasional beginner lessons can be held upon request.

Come Dance with Us Every Week!

New Location
1234 Engineering Building

If you have questions regarding how the lessons work or what you need to do to get started, please visit our FAQ section. You do not need anything, really, but feel free to look.

We hope to see you all out on the dance floor soon!