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Did you miss a lesson? Are you a late starter? Forget how to do the move we learned last week, or the week before? Maybe you are just the ambitious type that wants to sharpen your skills. Whatever the case may be, we will now post the moves from each meeting on our site for you to practice and master.

Beginner Lessons

Starting in the fall we will be updating these videos every week that we have a lesson. They will mainly consist only of the basics (steps, turns, cross-body leads etc.). If you would like to see a past lesson once the semester gets rolling, no worries! Just cycle through the playlist. Enjoy!

Intermediate Lessons(Spring)

Starting spring semester these videos will be updated as we continue on our journey to salsa perfection. These moves will be advanced as the link suggests, which will build upon our prior knowledge of the basics and some of the moves explored during the Fall semester.