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Greater Lansing Area Resources

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcoholics Anonymous (Central Office)  517-377-1444
Al Anon (Lansing East)   517-482-8957
Glass House (Women)   517-482-2028

Basic Needs
American Red Cross (24 hours)   517-484-7461
Regional Food Bank   517-321-6807
Haven House   517-337-2731

Child and Family Services, Inc.   517-882-4000
Community Mental Health Counseling Center   517-346-8318
MI Psychological Referral Service   800-270-9070
MSU Counseling Center   517-355-8270
Women's Center of Greater Lansing    517-372-9163

Crisis Intervention Services
Community Mental Health Emergency Services   517-346-8460
MSU Sexual Assault Crisis Line   517-372-6666
The Listening Ear   517-337-1717

Domestic and Child Abuse
Capitol Area Response Effort   517-272-7436
Eve's House   517-372-5572
Domestic Violence Hotline   800-996-6228
MSU Safe Place   517-355-1100
Women's Center of Greater Lansing    517-372-9163

Legal, Judicial & Criminal Services

ASMSU Legal Services   517-353-3716
Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney   517-483-6108
Legal Services of South Central Michigan (Ingham)   517-394-3121, 800-968-0044
Personal Protection Orders   517-483-6545

Medical Services
Cristo Rey Health Clinic   517-372-4700
Ingham County Health Department   517-887-4302
MSU Olin Health Center   517-353-4660
Women's Personal Growth and Therapy Center   517-347-2126

Minority and Ethnic Services
Black Child and Family Institute   517-487-3775
Cristo Rey   517-372-4700
Lansing Department of Human Relations   517-483-4477
MSU Multi-Ethnic Counseling Center   517-355-8270
NAACP   517-484-9171

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Options
Cristo Rey   517-372-4700
Ingham County WIC   517-887-4326
Planned Parenthood   517-351-0550

Sexual Assault and Incest
MSU Sexual Assault Crisis Line   517-372-6666
The Listening Ear   517-337-1717
Sparrow Hospital Sexual Assault Clinic   517-483-2222
Statewide Information & Referral   800-292-3666
Survivors of Incest Anonymous   410-893-3322

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Ingham County Health Department   517-887-4302
Lansing Area AIDS Network   517-351-0303
MSU Olin Health Center   517-353-4600
National STD Hotline   800-227-8922

Women's Services
LCC Women's Resource Center   517-483-1199
MSU Women's Resource Center   517-353-1635
Rose Haven - Women in Prostitution   616-235-2241
Women's Health Services   517-887-4320
Women's Personal Growth and Therapy Center  517-347-2126
Women's Center of Greater Lansing   517-372-9163

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