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Hi! I'm Katie.

I'm a sophomore studying User Experience and Entrepreneurship at Michigan State University. My interests include human-centered design, web development and accessibility, and the intersection of UX and healthcare. Talk to me if you want to learn more about how we can use human-centered design to create impact in our communities and around the world! Check out my projects below.

Do Good Feel Good
Don't tell people your dreams, show them
Prove them wrong

Social media graphics for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship

During my time as the Communications Intern for the Minor in Entrepreneurship, I created many graphics for use across our social media accounts using software like Canva and Photoshop.

Old Portfolio Site
Drawing Mockup
Digital Mockup

Web Design and Development

Some past web projects I have done include a portfolio site (check out my old portfolio site here) and management of two student organization websites, both on Squarespace. Currently I am developing a new portfolio site in Wordpress for my WRA 410 class. I'm always looking to expand my web development skills, and I'm currently learning Bootstrap and jQuery, as well as some JavaScript. My strong suits are HTML, CSS, and Python.

Women in Entrepreneurship Flyer
Sufjan Stevens article
Black Keys Concert Flyer

Document design

I've used InDesign and Illustrator often for document design. I also like to play around in Illustrator when working on graphics and logos.

linework Lizy
photo manipulation Katie
photoshop Hannah

Photoshop and photo editing

In my spare time I like to teach myself Photoshop and make pictures for my friends (they make excellent last-minute birthday presents!)

Contact me!

You can find me on social media here, here, here, or here, or send me an email at kmusial2015(at)gmail.com.

Contact me!

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