I offered these courses before I retired in May 2016; help yourself to syllabi et al.:

PHL 492 Capstone Seminar for Majors (2015 syllabus)

PHL 410 Socrates and Plato Seminar (2015 syllabus)

PHL 461 Metaphysics Seminar (2015 syllabus)

PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy (2014 syllabus)

PHL 810 History of Philosophy Graduate Seminar: Plato's Dialogues on Friendship and Erotic Love: Lysis, Phaedrus, and Symposium

PHL 810 History of Philosophy Graduate Seminar: Spinoza and Metaphysical Monism

PHL 810 History of Philosophy/860 Metaphysics and Epistemology Graduate Seminar: Plato and Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematical Platonism

PHL 413 Seminar in Continental Rationalism

PHL 411 Aristotle Seminar: Method and Metaphysical Topics

PHL 411 Aristotle Seminar: Ethical and Aesthetic Topics

PHL 211/211H Modern Philosophy (syllabus)

PHL 210/210H Ancient Greek Philosophy (syllabus and ancient Greek crossword puzzle) The key is hidden elsewhere on this site.

PHL 421 Topics in European and Continental Philosophy: Freud

IAH 221A Athens & Sparta

PHL 490 Independent Study (e.g., History of Ethics; Spinoza and Berkeley; Spinoza: Ethics; Spinoza's Political Philosophy; Plato's Gorgias; Medieval Metaphysics; Special Topics in Plato; Presocratic Philosophy; Kant's Ethics)