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Regular Membership is open to any neighborhood association that meets the following cirteria: has democratically elected and functioning Board of Directors or Trustees, or a comparable body; has geographically defined boundaries in which anyone who is a resident is eligible for membership; and is established for the primary purpose of neighborhood betterment.

At Large Membership status is open to individuals and organizations who do not meet the criteria of full membership; but are supportive of the mission, goals and activities of NAM.

NAM Membership Benefits include:
  • Receiving the
    • NAM Newsletter
    • NAM Newsflash
    • NAM Fact Sheets
    • NAM Tip Sheets
  • The opportunity to participate in
    • The NAM Annual Conference at a discounted registration rate
    • Leadership training and program development activities
  • The eligibility to participate in the NAM Mini-Grant Program
  • Networking with neighborhood associations from across Michigan

Join NAM Today
Stay informed about neighborhood issues across the State of Michigan by joining NAM today.  Membership in NAM will provide you with timely news about the neighborhood movement, keep you informed about education and training opportunities, and who's who in Michigan eighborhoods.  Just fill out the form, enclose your check and mail it to the address below.

Yes! I want to help NAM build Michigan's neighborhoods!

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Make check or money order payable to:
Neighborhood Associations of Michigan
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East Lansing, Michigan  48826