Nicole Ellison

Associate Professor,
School of Information
University of Michigan 

email: enicole AT umich DOT edu

443 North Quad 105 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285

As of January, 2013, I am an associate professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan.  My Publications page at UM has links to most of my publications, so please check there for more information. If there is something you'd like to see that isn't linked, just email me and I'd be happy to send. Currently I'm involved in several research projects.

  • Cliff Lampe and I have received funding from the National Science Foundation to examine ad-hoc collaborative processes, such as question-asking, in social network sites. Our foci at the moment include question-asking and answering in Facebook, how adults are using these sites to meet their informational and social support needs, and how social media can help socialize first-year students. More information about our work and research team is available on the TOIL lab site, and our recent publications can be found on my Publications page. As part of this project, I am lucky to be collaborating with many awesome scholars, such as Bernie Hogan, Fred Stutzman, Jessica Vitak, and Rebecca Gray as well as Andrew Fiore at Facebook.
  • I have funding from the Gates Foundation to explore the potential for social media to address college-going behaviors among low-income and first-generation college students. A white paper and an article in Computers & Education are now available from this effort, with more publications in the future. I am working with the Collegeology group at USC to think about games for middle school and high school kids that could address gaps in knowledge and efficacy.
  • danah boyd and I are wrote a chapter examining social network sites for the Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies edited by Bill Dutton, with a special focus on how they have adapted since our 2007 overview of SNSs (history, definitional issues, scholarship overview). The book is now available!
  • Bernie Hogan, Christine Greenhow and I just received funding to develop a Facebook app to support college-going activities for first-generation and other high school students. This was part of the College Knowledge Challenge.
  • Although I am not currently writing anything on the topic, I remain fascinated by issues around self-presentation in online dating environments and have done a fair bit of work in this area. My most recent publication is "Profile as Promise" with Jeff Hancock and Catalina Toma; it is available here.