Nicole B. Ellison

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At MSU, I've been fortunate in that I primarily teach courses focusing on the social impact of information and communication technologies, an area I am passionate about. Currently the following courses are in my rotation:

TC375: New Media, Old Media: This class focuses on the social impacts of newer information and communication technologies. We will learn about theoretical approaches to the study of computer-mediated communication and explore how technology affects social processes such as identity formation and relationship-development. Key concepts such as privacy, the digital divide, community, and technological determinism will be discussed and critiqued. 

2007 Course Reading List and Blog (Email me for full syllabus)

2006 Course Reading List and Blog (Email me for full syllabus)

TC853: Information Technology and Organizations: An MA-level course. This year the class is organized around fundamental economic concepts and their application to "Web 2.0" technologies, tools and services.

Spring, 2008 Syllabus

TC491: Special Topics: The Social, Cultural and Psychological Implications of Computer-Mediated Communication. This course is still a work in progress as it has only been offered once. I hope to develop it into an advanced version of 375. Please email me if you'd like to see the syllabus.

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