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Michigan State University MSU Neuroscience Program

Jeremy R. Gray, PhD

Jeremy Gray, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology

Ph.D., 1999, Harvard University

Curriculum Vitae

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Office Address: 289C Psychology
Office Phone: 517-432-3107

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Research Interests

People vary greatly in their self-regulatory capacities, as well as in their beliefs about whether such skills can be enhanced, e.g., through meditation or other training. The broad goal of my research program is to achieve a theoretical and mechanistic understanding of human self-regulation across levels of analysis: neural, behavioral, psychological, and whole-person, with particular attention to individual differences. I believe it is essential to understand individual differences, both as basic science and as a potentially unique source of insight into normal psychological function. Interventions may work well for some people but not others. I see my research program as contributing to human neuroscience, cognitive science, and social-personality psychology. Building upon my work on emotion-cognition integration and intelligence, I am currently investigating mindfulness meditation (as a way to enhance self-regulation) and creativity (as another seemingly paradoxical mental activity in which both goal-directed effort plus some surrender of control over the outcome are essential).

Recent Publications

  • Shehzad, Z., DeYoung, C. G., Kang, Y., Grigorenko, E. L., & Gray, J. R. (2012). Interaction of COMT val158met and externalizing behavior: Relation to prefrontal brain activity and behavioral performance. NeuroImage, 60, 2158-2168.
  • Green, A., DeYoung, C. G., Kraemer, D. J. M., Fossella, J., & Gray, J. R. (2012). A gene-brain- cognition pathway: Prefrontal activity mediates the effect of COMT on cognitive control and IQ. Cerebral Cortex. PMID: 22368081
  • Open Science Collaboration. (in press, 2012). An open, large-scale, collaborative effort to estimate the reproducibility of psychological science. Perspectives on Psychological Science.