A Mammoth Hunt in Arizona

A wonderful reference to support hunting mammoth 10,000 years ago is in the Spring 1955 issue of Archeology magazine. On page 51 you will find the article "A Mammoth Hunt in Arizona" by Emil W. Haury. Dr. Haury examines the bone remains of a mammoth found on the southwest bank of the arroyo of Greenbush Creek, one mile west of Naco, Arizona. The bones of a mammoth between 10,000 and 11,000 years old were exposed in the eroded creek bank. Further excavation revealed 8 fluted clovis points found undisturbed among the bones. One point was near the base of the skull, one near the upper margin of the left shoulder blade, five among the ribs and vertebrae and one with position indeterminate. The spear points ranged in size from 21/3 to 41/2 inches. Similar spearheads have also been recovered among the bones of elephants in Nebraska, Colorado and Texas.