Lansing artist, Dave Carrigan painted and donated a beautiful life size Woolly Rhino target that premiered on Bois Blanc Island during the 6the annual Great Lakes Primitives Gathering. Dave did such an outstanding job of painting the Woolly rhino that some of us felt kind of guilty using it as a target. There were no target style scoring rings on the Woolly Rhino so we improvised and came up with a game where each person got 3 three lives. Everyone would throw one dart at the Woolly Rhino and any dart that stuck in the the dark area between the 2 front legs and below the chin, scored a hit. Unfortunately, If your dart stuck anywhere else, the Woolly Rhino would become very angry and cause you to lose one life.

We all started with one dart from 5 meters. At that distance, the rhino seemed right on top of us, way too close for comfort! Unbelievably, only 3 darts scored hits! We all moved back to 10 meters and repeated the assault. More misses and now, for most of us, only one life remaining at 15 meters. Did I mention how large and imposing the rhino seemed? In just a few short minutes it was all over and Bret Harris emerged the lone survivor and winner of the Woolly Rhino event. All of the rest of us were surprised and humbled at how quickly those 3 lives got used up! All of us ghosts moved back to throw from 20 meters just for the fun of it. Bret Harris remained cool and collected in the presence of the hairy horney beast and was the only person to connect in the vitals area at 20 meters too!

Many people have made the rendezvous an annual vacation destination. Even first time participants have reported feeling honored to be so openly welcomed into a gathering of the greatest people you will ever meet! If you are an instructor or are interested in participating in the 2002 Great Lakes Primitives Gathering you should know that there are only 100 openings available on a first come/first served basis.

For reservation information, please contact

James Gilligan, 7273 Hamburg Road, Brighton, MI 48116

phone(810)231-2314 e-mail:

Jim Gilligan has a selection of memorabilia for sale to commemorate the island Gathering, all featuring the rock art canoe image. You can get a mug, shirt, mouse pad, and more. I think you can even get a video of the island events with some aerial fly-over views courtesy of Jim Gilligan senior and his private plane. Call for more information.