Christopher L. Oberg

dob 11-3-52

Degree: BFA in 1976, Advertising Design from The Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI.

Employment: 25 years as supervisor of the Dietetic Instructional Resource Center and the Graphic Arts Lab for the MSU College of Human Ecology from 1978 to 2003. Retired in 2003.

My lifelong passion is fencing.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been trained by the renoun fencer Miestro Charles Schmitter.

Under his watchful eye I have been actively involved with the MSU fencing program since 1978.

MSU fencing club advisor, 1996-2008

MSU Head Fencing Coach, 2003-2008.

MSU Head Fencing Coach, Retired in 2008

In retirement I continue to teach fencing in the tradition of my coach and mentor, Maestro Charles R. Schmitter,

I am also indebted to retired MSU Varsity Head Fencing Coach Fred Freiheit for his advice, support and encouragement.  

I now promote the MSU fencing program by teaching youth fencing classes and giving private fencing lessons in Haslett, Okemos and East Lansing in the hope that some will go on to become champion Spartan fencers.

Community interest in public or private fencing lessons can be directed to the attention of

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