Wilder Creek Conservation Club

2000 Primitive Archery Rendezvous

Jim Gilligan gets the European competition and the ISAC events started as soon as the rain stopped.

Anita Lucas is second from right.

MAA member Anita Lukes from Indianapolis set a new women's record in the ISAC with a 77 Good job Anita!

2000 Grand Champion was Mike Petrucha of Houghton Lake MI.

He won the Atlatl Half Marathon (70 throws.) The Atlatl Marathon was not contested due to the weather. Several dartists traveled a long way to attend the gathering and compete: Wendell Adams, Kentucky, Bob Berg, New York, Mike McGuire, Tennessee, Frank and Anita Lukes, Indiana. Two kids competed: Zack Irvine, Illinois, Jimi Gilligan, Michigan. The Wilder Creek Conservation Club is one of the more scenic clubs in Michigan and is famous for an event featuring a beautiful long distance shot at a standing bear on the far side of a dam pond . The steady rain on Saturday finally let up at mid afternoon and soon there was a crowd of 20 or so people watching some impressive demonstrations of primitive long range archery technique. This fund raising event consists of 3 shots for a buck. Try as many shots as your wallet will allow and at the end of the day the winner is determined by the most hits. The gentleman who won the event must have had 6 or more of his arrows stuck in the torso of the bear! Dan Hovather wanted to take the shot with his atlatl. I couldn't resist when Dan invited me to join him and Jim Gilligan in some long range dart throwing. We wandered over to the group standing on the bank, paid for 3 shots and patiently watched the archers while waiting for our turn. I am still not sure how it happened but I got to throw before Dan and Jim. When I stepped up to the edge of the pond, all archers eyes were on me and to be honest I did not know if I would make it across the pond either. The distance looked to be well over 100 yards so I bent waaay back and aimed at a spot high in the clouds and gave it everything I had ...then watched with the crowd as the dart snaked higher and higher over the pond and finally descend like some Paleolithic ICBM. There was an audible ooohh from the spectators as the dart fell about 5 feet to the left, on dry land! Dart number 1 made it across! With the pressure off I now concentrated on precision but did not throw my next two darts with the exact same conviction. They both landed in the water just short of the bank where the bear stood. Undaunted, my fellow atlatlists decided to try for the bear and also got their darts washed in the mill pond. Some kids with a john boat rowed out to retrieve all darts and arrows that fell short. I left the event with a greater respect for long distance primitive archery and I am sure a few archers were impressed that the feat could be accomplished by an atlatl and dart with no strings attached.

Primative Archery Rendezvous and Atlatl Marathon

Wilder Creek Conservation Club, Marshall, MI
May 23-25, 1998

Chris Oberg lines up on a target with his "Michigan Snow Thrower" made from an old snow scraper!