Funded Grants and Fellowships:

University of Georgia, Summer Research Funds, early 1970s.

"Two-Variable Maps," U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1976.

"Cognitive Experimentation with Maps," Boston University Seed Grant, ~1977.

"National-Level Transportation Facility Information System: Data Sources and Cartographic Issues," U.S. Department of Transportation, Transportation Systems Center, 1980.

"Economic Maps," First National Bank of Boston, 1982.

"The Use of Video Discs for Map Display," U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories, 1983-4. (Private contract)

"Study of Advanced Map Graphics Design for Video Disc," U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories, 1984-5.

"Mapping for the Color Deficient User," MSU All-University Research Initiation Grant, July 1984 - July 1985.

NSF, "CRT Map Design for the Color Deficient," Oct. '87 - July '89.

Ameritech Fellowship, Ameritech Center for Communications Technology, MSU, 1987-89.

Richard Groop, Gary Manson, Frank Zinn, Judy M. Olson, with collaboration of William Enslin, David Lusch, Thomas Lyons, Ellen White, J. Michael Lipsey, Anthony Bauer, "The Use of Spatial Information Technology in Michigan Business: A Case Study," MSU Research Excellence Funds, 1990-1992. (Wrote proposal, negotiated funding, some involvement in carrying out project.)

William Enslin, Judy M. Olson, Jon Haufler, Gerhardu Schultink, Intergraph Equipment for Spatial Data Network, 1992. (Provided text for parts of the proposal; negotiated MSU matching funds.)

Judy M. Olson, Gary Manson, and Roger Hamlin (René Hinojosa added Aug. 94), "Cross Participation of Faculty in Academic Research and Community Outreach Projects," MSU MULTI Program, February 1994.

Michael Hudson, Judy M. Olson, Ellen White, and Tom Hwang, "Tactual Map of the MSU Campus," MSU Provost's Office, October 1994. (Wrote proposal with graduate student, worked with graduate class in developing prototype product, general supervisory role in carrying out the project.)

Daniel G. Brown and Judy M. Olson, "A Digital Terrain Analysis Component for Extending and Integrating a Geography Curriculum," May 1995.

"Digitizing Physical Features into Computer Graphics System," Michigan Department of Natural Resources, assumed position as PI (from G. Manson) as Chair of Geography Oct. 1989, was then co-PI with René Hinojosa, has run from February 1987 to present (6/98-6/01 $400,000). A similar contract with the Department of Environmental Quality. Current chair, R. Groop, now PI.

Fundraising for:

U.S. National Report to ICA, 1984, in conjunction with U.S. National Committee for ICA.

U.S. National Committee for ICA, Beijing Travel Fund, 2001, in conjunction with members of USNC-ICA (funds for U.S. participants).

U.S. National Committee for ICA, Durban Travel Fund, 2003, in conjunction with members of USNC-ICA (funds for U.S. participants) (underway).